tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2019

Spring Retreat in Frantsila 2019

 Celebration of the spring by the Forest Peace Cottage

Purification with sage smoke

Sound bath with bowls by Mainjula

Powerpoint show
The Alien Races and Their Impact on Earth
and the Evolution of Humans

The Galactic Conference Drama

Evening program

In the late 1900's in India
Dada sees a glimse of 4 aliens in Baba's room during night time
 Shocked he retires silently

 Each of them seems to have some problem....

Alfa's planet has become a big fancy city with no green areas,
just exploitation of nature
Struggle for survival has started


Baba advices to import seeds and plants immediately from other planets
and make the planet green again with animals and fairies

People in Beeta's planet have done genetic manipulation
in an effort to become the most intelligent race:
Swollen heads, the bodies shrinking and soon in big danger

 Baba advices healthy nutricion instead of pills
and yogic asanas to restore the body

 See how your cats are doing

Very good...
Your children will be healthy.
Will you follow my instructions? Very good...

 Gamma from a warring planet, destroying itself

 Very sophisticated technology that is turning against the planet and the people

 Then occupying new planets, suppressing the people and making them slaves


 Come here! I will teach you!
  Baba beats Gamma with his stick and advices to act properly,
and take Prout and Neohumanism to other planets.
Then your future with be bright!


Come here my daughter!
This little girl was very brave
and kidnapped a small space ship to come here.
You know, in her planet women are totally suppressed


 I have been there many times and changed the situation
but after my leaving the men take over again

 Next time I will be the king of the planet and Zeta will be born as my daughter.
I will make Zeta the ruler of the planet.
Men will react but women will be victorious this time
and establish the rule of mothers till the men learn their righteous place.

The future of your planet will be glorious forever.
My daughter, don't worry, I will be with you always.

Baba turns to the audience: Will you follow me to Zeta's planet?

Now my children return quickly to your planets and galaxies. Go now!

In the morning Dada comes and asks: Baba, what happened last night??
Baba: Some of my children from other planets wanted my advice,
but I think everything will be alright...

Now I want to hear some nice kiirtan....

Concert by Saranii and Tattvam'


dancing and deep relaxation

Video by Kapila

(Click the pictures for a closer look!)

See you at the Summer Retreat in Finland!

maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2018

Autumn Retreat in Villa Taika in Fiskars 2018

The Theme of the Retreat:




Eating Indian style

Latino Rhythms lead by Anu

Bhajan Group

Sweet inner joy: morning sun on the nearby fields

The light green spot seems to follow...

4 plays on Neohumanist Subjects, Year 2050

 Neohumanist kindergarten with many educative programs

Old people's neohumanist home: recreation time with a turtle

A Future Food Shop 2050: 3 offers of the week

 Nourishing and restoring fume oils
for inhaling and smelling

 Sunlight lamp: nourishment received through sunlight and air 


Green room with no living plants
(they are not used as food or inside decorations any more),
but the room's walls are filled with digital green nature pics and videos
which increase the chlorophyl in the brain

The smoothie with pills made from minerals
and water from 1 km under the earth
 and vibrated with prana
Drones will drop the ordered items to clients

Neohumanist School 2050

 Art lesson
Normal lesson:The information is received through special helmets round students' head
Special eyeglasses give sights from the 2018's with funny oldfashioned equipments

Akhanda kiirtan starts

Click the first picture and roll down!

 Saranii and Tattvam' :

Sound of the Water

"I just close my eyes
and the earth is carried away
by the river.
 What is left behind
I can't say,
it's just the sound of the water."