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Autumn Retreat in Frantsila

An autumn weekend retreat with themes How to approach dying, Writing workshop, World situation and what can one do, Mindfulness-practice

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Silent walk repeating the mantra along the path by the brook....

 to Jatulintarha, a mystical spiral formation of stones....

 ...entering one by one walking slowly to the center with a crystal....
and back, greeting in silence everyone who is passing....

The Evening Programs:

Oriental Dance: Tejasvini and Ambika

At the Gate of Heaven; TenWays to Die
(Photos of the play by Saungiita, edits by SMa)

Near Death Experience


 The heart stops and the veil to the world beyond is opened...

Just a short visit and the patient is sent back by Baba, as an important mission in life is unfinished....


In Finland during the 1990's depression


This man saw no other way out than suicide after the bankcraft of his company,
loosing his home, and his wife leaving and taking the children.

 The angel comes and brings him to Baba.

 But Baba sends him to choose a new incarnation, as one has to confront one's samskaras in a constructive way...  

An old Himalayan yogi is doing his last practice in this physical body

 Baba:What is the part and parcel of sadhana? No liberation yet but a new physical body...

 An educated scholar wants to attain nirvikalpa, but in vain.

Baba: You are very knowledgeable, but go and do some service...

Service minded nurse went to Nigeria to help Ebola victims,
but got infected herself...

"Where you a bit disappointed with the media? Was the TV show on your sacrifice cut short?
Go back and enjoy your good karma, but next time remember who is doing the service and who is receiving it..." 

A world famous rock star has donated huge sums for many good purposes...
but forgot Parama Purusha

He takes extra dose of drugs before a big concert to cheer up after much travel and sleepless nights, and is gone.

Baba gives him a microvita body,
a light body for inspiring others to donate ...

Senior Dada Samskarananda goes to Baba with his last breath

"My son, you did great work - but what happened to my daughter
whom you sent to the darkest corner of Africa with no money?
hy did Dadas take over Didis' ashram? The money sent by Didis to relief work,
 how did it end up to your personal account?
 I will grant you a female body for your next life. Don't worry, you may have to endure male domination, but it will be a very beneficial experience to you..."

A baby who died



Baba explains that this was the last incarnation of the baby who had just few samskaras left, which she did burn, and she goes now to the Light with no rebirth.

The crazy man loving all as Baba,
 but did not do his practices

Baba embraced him and sent him directly to the Source.

The lady who sang and danced for the Supreme
wherever and whenever possible.

 She received all the love and care of Parama Purusha and entered the Light...

The play ended with Baba Nam Kevalam-walzt, the Bhakti lady dancing with Baba
and the audience joining...

The ending circle

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Winding a cotton bracelet to wear round the wrist as a memory.

May the blessings of Love surround you
May its peace abide in you
May its presence illuminate your heart
Now and forever more
Now and forever more.

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