lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2016

Summer Retreat in Frantsila 2016

 Morning dew at Frantsila


 In the garden

A day at the Sanctuary

Games and oriental dance workshop

Forest path with a native Indian...

...and a singing fairy


A pet crow called Varpu


The marriage ceremony for Anisha and Maitri


Anisha and Maitri with her twin sister

Five Baba Stories by Ananda Seva Home Theatre 

1. Swamijii knows everything (Baba's Big Toe)

2. The protecting mantra for a police officer, who was posted to an area of corrupted polices

The murder attempt at night

3. Baba reveals that a police officer has accepted a bribe ....


...and orders a punishment - but cancels it at the last moment...

4. Baba's headache at the Tiger's Grave

Baba insists that the devotee with unclean hands gives him a head massage...

...a spirit appears to encourage him...  and Baba's headache is soon cured.

5.  Baba Nam Kevalam is given first time in 1970'ies,
heard from the sky,
sang by the spiritual entities, kinnaras and gandharvas...

...and the audience joins kiirtan

Railway officer, Swamijii and the big boss of a wellknown company

Naming ceremony for children

Acarya meeting and a trip to the nature


Ancient natural holy spring 




Giriisha Gandalf


Camping site by a small lake

 Nature walk

 Ant hill

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