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Spring Retreat in Leppola 2017

Theme: Ecology and Climate Change

 The Blue Room window

 Celebration of spring lead by Tattvika Saranii...

... inside the walls of an old cow house

 Sisters and brothers dancing both kaoshikii and tandava

Unfortunately we could not watch this video 
due to restricted access to the video projector,
but inspired by the video, Diipali gave a powerpoint show
 and a workshop how to minimize or challenge the climate change...

Paintings of Ac. Arya's creative workshop on the wall

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Evening program:

The Finnish Ananda Seva Home Theatre presents
Anastasia - the Siberian Mystery Woman
in the eyes of Vladimir Megre 

Drama Comedy

At the time of Perestroika in Russia 
Vladimir Megre is looking for the original  
Siberian Cedar tree oil recepy
to start a cedar oil business ... 

In a small village he meets a young woman in Siberian taiga,
living alone in the forest,
She seems to know him...

 He approaches her in the forest with questionable intentions,
 but receives an intimidating lesson;
she is not an ordinary woman...

 Wake up, wake up! 
What happened? 
You became unconscious...

She takes him to her home,
a forest opening with no house, nothing...

 He has to drink water from the forest lake...

...sleep  in an earth cave....by the side of a bear
 (- which he realizes in the morning)

 He asks her to come to Moscow, she would become a famous photo model...

 She would not leave her home in taiga...

As both of them secretly long for a male baby,
a blissful night of love unfolds...

In the morning she tells him she is now pregnant...

 Oh my God, how will you survive here...

After trial and tribulations in Moscow, 
Vladimir writes a book named Anastasia
telling of his experiences in taiga.The book gets much popularity.
The following year he returns to taiga to her to see his son... 

... bringing all kinds of supplies for the baby,
- just to realize that the baby does not need them.

... as wild animals like the female bear and the wolf
take very good care of the baby...

 He is eager to hold the baby, 
but frustrated as he finds he has hardly any role
as the father...

 Now the tame eagle gives the baby an important lesson...

 takes him up to the sky......

 The father is terrified, but Anastasia explains that the same eagle took her
up into the sky when she was small, and it was a wonderful experience...

 Who are you, what are you, Anastasia? An alien, a Goddess, a witch?
 - Can't you see, I am a human being, I am a woman.
I shall conquer the evil forces in the world!

Look, all is a hilarious play,
can you hear how the universe is ringing?
Let us dance....

 Their cooperation goes on and he writes a series of books of his experiences
and her ideas how to save the world and making it a beautiful place for all living beings...

Every family should have ownership of one hectar of land
for their home and growing their food..
...and their children and grandchildren would inherit it.
This would greatly assist in making all people happy and healthy...

But Anastasia has one sorrow: 
Vladimir does not really love her as a woman... 
What did she do wrong?

 She calls for her most ancient grandmother....

...who tells her that as she is now a celebrity, a star, 
she cannot be loved as an ordinary woman is loved...

This seems to be the destiny of the lovely Anastasia...

Anastasia, the famous star...

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"Fly little feather across a field 
And brush away my sorrows.
 Brush the dust from my face
 And turn into my wing....

 If I could have the falcon's wings, 
Or a strength of a stone.
If I could have as many brothers
 As trees in the forest, 
Or could begin my life anew...

 Then I wouldn't lie in this open field,
 Looking at the clouds in the sky. 
Then I wouldn't ask this tiny feather 
To chase and brush away my sorrows.

 Fly little feather across a field 
And brush away my sorrows.
 Brush the dust from my face
 And turn into my wing...."

(A Russian song)

"Lennä pieni sulka yli niityn ja pyyhkäise suruni pois
sipaise tomu kasvoiltani ja muutu siivekseni
Jos minulla olisi kotkan siivet tai kiven voima
jos minulla olisi yhtä paljon veljiä kuin puita metsässä
jos voisin aloittaa elämäni uudelleen
en makaisi tällä niityllä pilviä katsellen
enkä pyytäisi pientä sulkaa pyyhkimääm pois surujani..."


Anastasia: Ganga
Vladimir: Ac. Kapila
Bear: Ac. Arya 
Wolf: Tattvika Saranii
Photos of the actors: Tattvika Arunima
Manuscript and director: Ac. Sarasvati Ma

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