lauantai 29. heinäkuuta 2017

Summer Retreat in Frantsila 2017


Frantsila Wellbeing Center


Massage workshop by Sarvani

Free dance improvisation with harp music


How to Create a Spiritual Community by Madhuliika
Meditate together
Eat together
Play together
Serve together

A day in the Sanctuary / Museotorppa

Empowering Forest Walk led by Jayadevii


 Ravi's lecture  (photo by Madhuliika)

Mantra Chanting led by Nitya

Evening program: Maiden of Finland 100 years
Slide show on Finnish history
before and after the Declaration of Independence
by Sarasvati Ma

(photo by Madhuliika)

A short drama: History made alive

The King of Sweden wants to make Maiden of Finland more civilized
at the time when Finland was a part of Sweden  1100-1800...

 (photo by Madhuliika)

The King also wants the Finnish to fight in wars to create Great Sweden in the 17th century.
During 1808-1809 Russia takes Finland from Sweden, giving Finland full autonomy,
but later on the oppression starts....

(photo by Madhuliika)
The Bolsevits revolution 1917 in Russia gives Finland a chance
to declare herself as an independent country....
"We are not Swedes, we will never become Russians, so let us be Finns!"

Sweden accepts the recognition as the eastern border has always caused troubles,
and from now on it will be the problem of the Maiden of Finland...

The Ending Circle

Little Venus with Flowers


 Sarvanii's and Gopala's DC-room

We'll see next year, maybe!

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