keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2015

Spring Retreat in Leppola 2015



The theme of the retreat: Guru 


Power point show on Baba's life

Nightly visions

 Baba resites Shiva mantra

Repeated dream

Baba is seen in the jungle

10 year old Baba is watching the history and future of the planet 
and planning Ananda Marga during a summer holiday

The initiation of Kalicharan

*   *   *   *

Spring celebration and purifying ceremony

with the smoke of sweet grass


Sri Bhoginanda with his assistant

  A business man offers the latest model of iPhone,
Little Red Corvette and Lear Jet 
to get blessings for his company

Sri Bhoginanda invites an unhappy girl to be his private secretary

To the young man who is seeking the meaning of life 
Sri Bhoginanda gives a mantra:
"God is money, money is God."

Matajii Devi

Devotees of Matajii confess their missdeeds and ask her forgiveness

Matajii lovingly takes them to her lap and forgives everything.
Devotees feel so high that they leave to a pub for a drink or two.

Baba with Ramanandajii in Calcutta in the 1980s

A rich man offers his half month's salary and asks success.
Baba tells Ramananda to beat the man
 for using children as workers and polluting the environment. 
After the hard punishment the man promises to change and receives Baba's blessings

A deadly sick man asks Baba's help. Baba reveals the man's
dark secret of having abused a girl. Baba scolds him severly
 and tells him  to lick the shoes of those present.
 In addition his duty will be to open a shelter 
for abused women and single mothers. 
Then Baba cures part of the disease 
with the touch of his stick 
and tells the rest will be cured 
if he accomplishes those tasks...

Baba leaves with Ramananda 
and the men start dancing and singing kiirtan,
audience joining...

Next day:
Gopala is offering beatings for removing samskaras

Marrige Ceremony

Ac. Kapila and Mirabai

Param Pita Baba Kii, Jai!

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