tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015

Female Energy in Leppola - NaisEnergiaa 2015 Leppolassa

                                                 Puja with Maiden, Mother and Crone

Ceremony to honor the menopause of Maha Devii

Letting the river take the wishing candle

                                                                              June Midnight

Delicious meals by Diipali and Maha Devii


Visiting the Mystic Boulder (Photo by Rainjanii)
Siirtolohkareen juurella

              Place for Empowering Photography
              Voimaannuttavaa valokuvausta

(Photo by Rainjanii)

We named the boulder Louhi Rock. ..... rock around the Louhi Rock....
(Louhi was the powerful woman in the Finnish mythology.)
  By the Hopom Lake

                                                         Well, it was not real....

After meditation, listening to the bubbling sound of the small waves


        Goddess of the Lake

The Ending Ceremony under the apple tree

    May the blessings of Mother Divine
     Fill your heart with love sublime
      May Her peace illuminate your heart
 Now and forever more, 
Now and forever more.

Pyhä Äiti nyt sua siunatkoon
sulle rauhan antakoon
valo Äidin tietäs ohjatkoon
nyt ja ainiaan
 nyt ja ainiaan.

    (Click the pictures for a closer look!)


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